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Theatre Production Management Traineeship

Amsterdam · Full time · Creative Development (Production)

Contribute to the development of world’s top-quality theatre productions under the guidance of the best executive producers in the field !

About the program

Lots of variation. Lots of experiences. Lots of challenges. And lots of fun both at our international Head Quarters in Amsterdam and in our theatre’s throughout Europe. That’s what our Theatre Production Management Traineeship is all about. Actually, we should add ‘lots of variety’, because you’ll complete three and potentially four different (and equally challenging!) phases during your-traineeship. In the first phase you will be involved in the end to end process of producing a Musical at our international Head Quarters. In the second phase you will work with one of our production teams in 1 of our 20 theatres in Europe on one of our prime musical productions. In the third phase you will return to our Head Quarters and will get more responsibility in working on various productions. After a successful first 6 months, in the last phase of the Traineeship, with the gained experience, you will get even more responsibility working in one of our theaters on productions in Germany, Spain, France, Russia or Italy.

Some of these activities will be tailored to your studies and background. But some will pull you out of your comfort zone and put you to work in a business which may have a completely different surrounding than you have experienced so far. Can you make a positive impact out of your comfort zone too?

 Area’s to cover in the traineeship are among others:

  • Financial (Business Case, P&L, Accounting, Licensing, Reporting)
  • Productional (Project, Budget building, Scheduling)
  • Commercial (Marketing, Sales, Yield Management)
  • Creative (Auditions, Cast on Stage, Rehearsals, Company Management Shadowing)
  • International Producing
  • HR & Legal (Licenses, Obligations, Royalties, Contracts)
  • Technical (Design process, workshop visits, Theater visits)

Your development path

Discover and develop your drivers and strengths

In a 9 months program, you’ll discover who you are, what you’re capable of, where you want to be, and how you can get there with us. We will jointly set your course.

This is what makes your traineeship unique:

  • Working in/with one of the world’s largest theatre producers and owners
  • Coaching from the best producers and (senior) managers in the industry
  • Freedom to build your own career and network in Stage Entertainment and the theatre industry
  • Learn about all innovations of the theater world of today (i.e. on yielding, marketing and sales)
  • A diverse program to become one of the best (Associate) Producers
  • Opportunity to develop in various further fields (financial, productional, commercial, creative, international, HR & legal, technical)
  • An International exchange program
  • On and off the job coaching by  the very experienced top producers of our company (i.e. Dan Hinde and Jan Verveer), and senior management from the various legal, commercial and finance departments.
  • In addition  you will attend a two-day producer course in London (West-End), where you have the opportunity to further develop and work on your network (which is very important in this industry)!

[And you will get a competitive salary, laptop and mobile!]

After your management traineeship

The Traineeship is the ultimate fast track to develop our future Executive Producer leaders in our international innovative organization (we are located in 8 countries around the world) that thrives for the best using the newest tools and techniques to get there.

Stage Entertainment aims to prepare trainees for producer positions within 1 year after completing the program. During your final phase (4th period) you will apply for a challenging first position as Associate Producer.

Are you our new Management Trainee?

You don’t have theatre/entertainment experience? That doesn’t matter!

This is what you bring to the table:

  • A ‘brand new’ University Master’s degree. If you graduated any time before September 2019, that is fine
  • You have broad interest, fond of innovation and a natural born team player who is open to everything and everyone
  • You have a passion to perform, enthusiastic about theater, have an international mindset, are fount of ideas and eager to act on them
  • Analytical skills is a must: you think fast, can fathom complex processes and find your way in no time. In systems and in organizations
  • Ability to pay attention to detail and overseeing the big picture
  • Your CV list more than your grades. Extracurricular activities such as board functions, committees, and internships are highly valued
  • Confident and fluent in English and knowledge of German, Spanish or French is a pre
  • Attitude is key and having fun is very important!

Who are we?

Stage Entertainment, is one of the world’s largest theatre producers and owners. Originally founded in 1998 by Joop van den Ende, the company today operates 20 world-class theatres in 13 cities in 6 countries and welcomes over 7 million visitors annually.  The main geographical focus is on Continental Europe, with local presence and offices in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Russia. In addition, the company runs musical productions in London’s West End and New York City’s Broadway. Leading titles include Disney’s The Lion King and Aladdin, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, and the in-house developed Anastasia and Tina: the Tina Turner Musical.

Stage Entertainment is an innovative company that has played a key role in the development and widespread popularity of the musical genre on the European Continent. The rapid growth of the company since its inception has been the result of a drive and passion for theatre embodied by all those working at the group, our thrive for excellence in technical innovation and our entrepreneurship. From the start, Stage Entertainment produces top-quality productions in its network of theatres to create lasting and memorable customer experiences.

Today Stage Entertainment has emerged as one of global industry shapers within the worldwide musical and theatre market. The company is three times the size of anyone of Stage Entertainment’s competitors, has a unique international network of theatres, key strategic partnerships, for example with Disney, a proven track record of self-developed content and a professional business culture,  employees that are top in class in their area of expertise.